Jim Edwards / Pombriant
ETSN News Founder / Photojournalist

Jim Edwards ( Pombriant ) has been in the media and publication industry for over thirty years as a Photojournalist and Reporter. He formerly was a freelance reporter for AP News ( Associated Press ), and CNN for many years and still active to this day. He has covered most of the implosions of casinos in Las Vegas. His personal portfolio consist of over 500,000 images and videos. The above image with boxing champ George Foreman is just one of hundreds of celebrities that he has met personally in his career.

Bob Epstein
Senior Editor
Bob Epstein has been a writer photographer all his life. He has over 20, 000 images sold and over 5000-articles to several hundred magazines and newspapers in the USA and Europe.
He was the Official US FEMA Photographer for disasters starting with Hurricane Andrew and for 8-more years all over the USA for Presidents and the Congressional Record.
As Miami Herald's, Florida Keys Fishing Editor he produced three-hundred features on all manner of fishing and outdoor pursuits. Bob currently  writes feature articles for Athlon Publications, Parade Publications and the New Pioneer Magazine as well as freelancing as a weekly columnist for the Crossville Chronicle Newspaper Group in Tennessee. Bob and his wife Barbara are Publishers and Editors of www.americanpresstravelnews.com.


Tony Salamone

Tony Salamone affectionately known as "Tony Bagofdonuts" a Las Vegas Celebrity... has been a MC/Promotional & Branding Host with ETSN News for several  years  now covering events and trade shows throughout the greater Las Vegas area. Tony's reputation has been built with his loyalty, unique sense of humor and ability to remind reach person of their unique and special qualities while maintaining total confidentiality!

When Tony is not out in the field for ETSN News he's busy operating his own service and events company visit him at...   http://stellareventsolutions.com/

Chris Chen
Health / Correspondent

Chris Chen resides in Las Vegas, Nevada for over six years and currently works as a medical professional  in emergency medicine.  As a correspondent for ETSN News covering trade shows Chris has the ability to learn about new products and equipment, to help educate her patients  about misuse that she experiences in hospital emergency rooms everyday.

Scott & Esther Stalnaker
ETSN Hosts

Scott & Esther have been ETSN News hosts for several years now covering events and trade shows from " Coast to Coast" they are a great team and excel in the area of outdoor adventures including hunting and fishing. They are both avid professional hunters that travel across the country covering shows for ETSN News as well as hunt on their own  farm & ranch in West Virginia. They cover many of our fashion and model shows in Las Vegas. Scott is a chef and Esther owns and operates a hair stylist  salon in their home town in West Virginia.